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SheIs is a social enterprise.
We empower women’s self-confident and independency through beauty/health care products, from Japan to global.
We encourage all women to chase their dreams, to make themselves a better life.

Sheis, the name comes from She is ___________.
There is a blank after,
「there needs a definition of who or what she is.
And the definition is created by herself, not others.」


Project "Sheis Empowered"

‘When women thrive, humanity thrives.’‘Sheis Empowered’ is a movement that aims to build a more self-confident and independent mentality for women through social media, offline events, and inclusive and exclusive activities. This movement will contribute to the creation of a society where people can play an active role regardless of gender.We aim to empower more women leaders and role models to influence society, especially the next generation.


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Toto Deng


Hi this is Toto Deng, the founder and CEO of Sheis.
 Please call me by my nickname Toto.

Ever since I have started my very first business, I have been challenging a lot of new things. By clearing each milestone, I’ve learnt that failure is the key to success. Always move outside your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal,it's the motto that I always tell myself.  

During the accomplishments of my success, I felt that the happiness of controlling my own life was not just from security, but confidence. I feel that I’m improving my life, my family, the people around me, and my loved ones life better.

As a woman, I want more women to be able to have the same happiness as me. I want more people to know that failure shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal as long you don’t give up. I want to send positive messages to more people, especially women.Therefore with this passion in mind, I founded Sheis.

[About women empowerment]
Since young, my mother has taught me that "Girls should have dreams and become independent. Happiness is not something to wait for, but something to create by yourself."
I am grateful to my mother that I am able to build the life I dreamt of on my own because I have kept her words.

"More women should know the importance of independence and feel their happiness to be independent."
"Then more women can lead a better, richer life, a life with more choices."I believe that by role modeling ourselves, more people should build this kind of mindset to give women themselves more opportunities and confidence.

I think so because I believe in society,  a company = a family.
Society is made up of many families (companies).
Just as women play a central role in supporting families at home, I think they can lean in organizations and society.
The more female holding management positions the higher the awareness of working women.
As the number of female leaders increases, new ideas will be born with supple and rich sensibilities.
If the number of female leaders increases, women will be able to live a life with many choices and the economy will turn around.
Women's success = It will lead to the improvement of women's sense of well-being, and if the number of companies full of such happy energy increases, it will be possible to create a more fulfilling society.
Sheis will contribute to the eternal mission of society, "Women's Empowerment," by supporting women who have dreams, courage, and enrich their lives with their own strength.

[About future of Sheis]
The first step towards empowerment advocated by Sheis is "confidence." We will support women's self-confidence from the outside through products that lead to beauty and health. I believe that gaining confidence on the outside is the energy to evolve the inside more beautifully.

We, Sheis members, aim to be a role model that symbolizes the independence of women.In creating Sheis services and products, we will prove the message, "If we can, you can."

Be confident in your skin, be confident in your heart, and spend your days powerfully and happily!
You’re not alone because everyone has dark times and painful feelings, that is not embarrassing.
Have a dream and be brave!
You can overcome it even if you hit the wall! Tell yourself ‘I can do it!’ Let's live a life without regrets!

This is a message to myself and a message I want to convey to you through Sheis.

Bloom my life!

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Suya Lu


Bloom In My Life

This slogan represents Sheis.

What do you want to do with your life?
What kind of person do you want to be?
Are you satisfied with who you are now?

When I was laid off from my dream job as a cabin attendant due to the Corona Pandemic, I proclaimed that I wanted to be someone who was needed by people and companies alike. But in my heart, I wanted to be someone who could influence people and lead an admirable life like Jessica Alba.
When I was  laid off, I constantly thought, "Who am I?” That’s why, I want to create an opportunity for those who lack self-confidence and help them become more optimistic. With that in mind, Toto and I launched Sheis and have been working hard to do what we can.

When you ride a bicycle, the first pedal stroke is unstable, scary, and heavy, but as you get going, your footing gradually becomes lighter and lighter, and you begin to see more and more of your surroundings, feel the wind, and feel more comfortable. It is the same feeling when you make up your mind to challenge yourself to change the way you are now.
What I want to say is that you should not ignore the desire of wanting to change and become more radiant, and that you should continue to take action to change, even if it is gradually. I would like to create a society where people can flourish without doubting themselves.

To achieve this, Sheis will first prove that "people can change" through our business. We will also strive to give a little boost to the lives of those who have taken Sheis' products into their hands.

“If I can, you can!”


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