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Women Entrepreneur
Empowerment Program

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Let’s start your own beauty salon!
We support you for lasting success.

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The HIFU beauty salon “Reborn”

New Open on March 19th, 2021 at Roppongi!
SheIs’s first project has started!

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Natural Skincare Cosmetic “Fangus”
from Taiwan using organic white fungus
SheIs is the exclusive retailer in Japan!

[Beauty is a source of confidence, and health is a source of powerful living.]
We produce products based on this concept.

What is SheIs?
SheIs is 「Total Life Coordinator for Women and All 」
We empower women to be independent,beautiful and healthy inside and outside.

Mission & Vision


Mind change,from ‘Can’t do’ to ‘Try it’; from ‘Try it’ to ‘Do it’.


To help women around the world achieve「independence, beauty, and health」To create a community of independent and strong women.


We will be a role model.
We will launch the SheIs Foundation in 2022 for women entrepreneurs.
We will contribute to the creation of a society where all women have more options for the future and can work with vigor.


1. Women Entrepreneur Empowerment Program

Many female entrepreneurs face problems such as dealing with limited access to funding,  a lack of available advisers and mentors limits their professional growth.

We support you to build your own business from A to Z with an autopilot business package. To start a business and keep it running, all you need are assets, connections, fellowship funds, proper business knowledge, and connections with mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. Let's start a business together.
(open) In 2021, the "SheIs Beauty Salon" project will start as the program for developing female entrepreneurs.We will make the dream come true, for those who want to own their own beauty salon, and make their salons keep success.SheIs offers EX HIFU + total support for technology, opening, and management.Also, differentiates itself from other salons to create the owner's ideal salon together.
EX HIFU, the beauty equipment selected by our knowledgeable members, andWe will help you realize your dreams and create a sustainable salon.We will make your dream come true and continue to expand.
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2. Produce products

We have the concept which is,[Beauty is a source of confidence, and health is a source of powerful living.]We produce products that lead to beauty and health supplements.
FANGUS, a natural cosmetic product from Taiwan using organically grown white fungus, will be sold exclusively in Japan!
Crowdfunding in progress
Be Active, fight with age!
We produce the supplement with a rejuvenating ingredient that is attracting global attention.Also, Produce health supplements, with natural ingredients that release stress, anxiety and pressure.We are planning to expand our business in Japan and China.

3. International Trade

Utilizing our worldwide communityWe coordinate the import and export of products that are not available in our country and that are expensive.
From December 2020
We have experience in Japan-China and Japan-Southeast Asia trade.
・Antigen test kit
・LCD advertising display
Please feel free to ask us about the products


Toto is the founder of SheIs.
In 2017,she Co-founded TEAMZ Inc. Organizing events to build bilateral relationships between foreign investors and Japanese startups.
In the second year of the company's establishment, the number of partners increased, and the business and profits grew.
In the meantime"I want to increase the number of women business owners who are my friends.I wanted to do something that would benefit women.I had a vague idea that I wanted to do something that would benefit women.
Then, in 2020, I witnessed the reality that many women would lose their jobs due to layoffs and suspension of employment as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus around the world. It was a year that clearly highlighted the gender disparity in labor. It was a great year!I got to know her when I was studying in the U.S.She was a flight attendant for a foreign airline, and Suya was one of them.
She said, "I want to support women who can face adversity in society and live strongly.I want to empower impact-driven and growth-oriented women achievers to unlock their potential and manifest their dream lives such a luxurious lifestyle.” "I want to contribute to the economic revitalization of Japanese society by increasing the number of women business owners.
I want to contribute to the economic revitalization of Japanese society by increasing the number of female managers." With the covid-19 pandemic causing a certain level of difficulty for many women's lives, we want to help them. With this in mind, we decided to launch Shels in December 2020.
Many women are being told to stay realistic, stop dreaming and get "their heads out of clouds," play safe and don't take chances. As a result, the challenges of achieving their dreams can appear so difficult and unrealistic that they start to become less ambitious. 
I want more women to realize their dreams and have good quality of life.I want to increase the number of strong, independent entrepreneurs.With this in mind,In December 2020, I launched SheIs.





Chinese entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for all women and women's leadership in business.
In 2017, she co-founded a blockchain incubator and solutions company called TEAMZ.Inc with her peers and is a passionate entrepreneur. Toto has a custom-tailored approach to match the individual and corporate goals of her clients. She has consistently over-delivered for her clients for many years and continues to do so.  She is a role model for young women entering business and an advocate for women's leadership. As a dynamic and captivating speaker, she has spoken at various events including TEDx Youth @ Tokyo, Girls 20, Musashino International Association, University of Tokyo, and Japan China Entrepreneurs Association.Her first business venture was in Beijing when she was 19 years old. She believes that empowering women not only increases gender equality in society, but also requires them to find and create their own value.The launch of SheIs. is a community that I created to help women form their values and become not only beautiful and healthy, but also independent.Join SheIs. and let's bloom our lives!




Formerly a flight attendant for a foreign airline. Born in Gifu, Japan.  Has Taiwanese parents.While working as a flight attendant, she also experienced working as an import agent, an English instructor specializing in medical care, and an English conversation instructor for elementary and junior high school students.
In September 2020, she was suddenly laid off from her job due to COVID-19, and became interested in the field of second career development as a woman and women's life planning, which has been a concern of hers.It is only because I was affected by the new coronavirus and lost my way at one time that I am able to send out messages and have a heart that is sympathetic.I believe that when women use their special skills and strengths to find their own value and purpose in life, it will lead to the creation of a better and more attractive society.Let's work together in the Shels community to create a society where women can be active and vibrant.

HR Information

SheIs is looking for people who have strong will!


PR/Marketing Manager


250,000 ~ 300,000 yen per month(Salary will be increased according to evaluation, also have profit sharing)

Employment Status

Full-time employee / Contract employee

Job Description

As a PR Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the marketing operations of the company, as well as planning and executing marketing strategies for the business. This includes negotiating and building relationships with external business partners for business expansion, budget management for the entire division, KPI management, and collaboration and discussions with relevant departments at headquarters.

Appealing points

This is a work style that incorporates both telework and flexible work arrangements. If you have experience in PR or public relations, but have limited working hours, you can consult with us about shorter working hours. We also have a multinational team, so if you want to work in an international environment, we welcome you.

We are looking for people who have ideas, strong opinions, and the ability to take action to expand SheIs' business together.  Who can be trusted as "professionals", having a strong desire to grow, and  "results-oriented", are very suited in SheIs.

What we are looking for...

・At least 2 years of PR experience in a marketing department, public relations department, or PR firm
・Entrepreneurial spirit
・Agree with our corporate philosophy
・If you want to try the most of your abilities in a start-up company.
・Love to communicate with people, both internally and externally.
・Good at English

Working hours

Flexible working hours (8 hours per day), with meetings starting at 9:30 on Monday and Friday.

Vacation and holidays

2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, summer and New Year vacations, paid vacations, congratulation or condolence leave, etc.

Work location

Telework or work at the Business Airport

Beauty Treatment and benefits

Transportation expenses paid in full, social insurance, worker's compensation insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance

Contact us

For those who have an esthetic salon, For those who has an idea to be achieved ,
Quotations and requests regarding the development and sales of
SheIs’s products , Please feel free to contact us.